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Best solar company Adelaide, SOLARLAB, provides exceptional tailor designed solar panel installation to help you save power and keep our Earth happy. Renewable energy has been on the rise in recent years, with benefits ranging from increased cost efficiency to steady decline in greenhouse gas emissions.

There’s a reason you should choose best solar company Adelaide, and that’s because all of our products are priced fairly and last for 25 years minimum. We ensure this by providing scheduled services and repairs throughout the lifetime of your installation, which include:

  • SOLARLAB Scheduled Maintenance
  • PV Panel Cleaning (half yearly)
  • Thermal Hot Spot Checks
  • Solar Panel and Inverter Performance Testing
  • Breakdown Repairs associated with Installation

We work endlessly to ensure that the highest level of safety and customer service is given to all our customers, residential or commercial.

Best Solar Company Adelaide

Why should you choose SOLARLAB?

Being SA owned and operated and offering friendly service above others aren’t the only benefits of choosing best solar company Adelaide. Not only do we offer installation of solar panels, we also offer power saving solutions for air conditioning. We offer our installation for solar panels and air conditioning for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

Here at SOLARLAB we pride ourselves on quality and competitive pricing. That’s why we are affiliated with strong brands like Solaredge and OpenSolar to make sure we are providing the best long-lasting solar panels to you. Years of knowledge and experience allows us to focus on long-term solutions, to avoid extra costs for you and a lifetime of green living.

Every point of installation is carefully thought out and guided by OH&S protocols, to provide our friendly specialists and clients all the safety they need.

Start your energy saving journey with us today

Why settle for any out of the box solar panels, when best solar company Adelaide can tailor design at competitive prices. To show you how serious we are on competitive and fair prices, we offer a price match guarantee on all of our services and products.

Choosing to change over to solar panels not only provides lower energy costs and positively affects the world around you, it also adds value to your home or business in the long-term.

We also want you to understand your personal power usage and how it can be detrimental to your energy bills. That’s why at the best solar company Adelaide, we include a power bill and usage profile so we can tailor a solution to meet your every need. Using our Solar Analytics technology, you can continue power saving by determining which appliances are using the most power.

With best solar company Adelaide being SA owned and operated, we know our customers to the core and can provide solutions we know will suit your every energy need. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how much you could be saving on those big energy bills.

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