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Although we are a young company, we have quickly gained a reputation as one of the trusted solar installers Adelaide. Since our establishment in 2017, we have delivered high-quality solar solutions for clients across Australia. With a focus on renewable energy, our solar specialists are dedicated to providing energy efficient solutions suitable to the budget and lifestyle requirements of our diverse clientele.

Our team is made up of qualified solar installers who have years of industry experience and knowledge. While our focus remains on designing and installing small and large scale solar solutions across Australia, we hold outstanding customer service at the core of our values. When you choose to work with the team at SOLARLAB, not only do we guarantee to provide quality workmanship, but also honest and reliable advice. Our aim is to help you make an educated purchase to find the best solution for you.

Solar Installers Adelaide

How We Can Reduce Your Energy Costs Today

As premier solar installers Adelaide, it is our job to deliver energy efficient outcomes that will reduce your energy costs. With the cost of power continually on the rise, we aim to offer long-term solutions to reduce your energy costs consistently over time.

Through our Solar Analytics technology, our team of solar specialists can monitor your power consumption habits. With the help of this monitored data, you can reduce your energy costs by avoiding running your appliances at inefficient times.

If you are interested in reducing your energy costs even further, our solar installers Adelaide can help you go completely off the grid with a high-quality battery technology system.

Working alongside of some of the most trusted solar distributors in the country, we can help you find a battery system that will hep you store excess energy and help you become independent from the grid.

Our Six Step Process

Step One: Contact Us – Contact our team of solar installers Adelaide on 1800 512 251 to receive your free no-obligation quote.

Step Two: Site Inspection – We will schedule a time to undertake an onsite inspection where we will evaluate your current electrical system and provide recommendations.

Step Three: Usage Profile – Using advanced monitoring technology, our team will analyse your current energy consumption so that we can deliver an accurate and personalised solution.

Step Four: Tailored Solution – Using our years of knowledge and experience in the solar industry, we will present you with a tailored solution that we feel will best suit you budget and lifestyle requirements.

Step Five: Delivery and Installation – Our team of expert solar installers Adelaide will efficiently install, certify, and connect your new solar system.

Step Six: Reduce Your Energy Costs – Now that your system has been installed, you can begin reaping the rewards of your reduced energy costs.

As South Australia’s trusted solar installers Adelaide, our solar specialists can offer a high-quality solar solutions and outcomes for all budgets and lifestyles. If you are ready to take a step towards an energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, we are here to help. Contact us today on 1800 512 251!

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