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If you find that your Solar isn’t working effectively, don’t wait for your next bill and call SOLARLAB for your Solar System Repairs Adelaide. In 2019, Solar Power generated approximately 22.3% of Australia’s clean energy generation. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, and we believe that sustainable solar energy is imperative to our sunburnt country’s sustainability. Our technicians are professionally trained to help extend the lifespan of your system with regular services and maintenance. Whether you’re in need of panel check-ups, repairs, cleaning or claiming on your warranty, our team can help. We’ll assess your system to find the issue with your panels or inverter, and conduct repairs to revert the issue. As an industry rule of thumb, your solar system should last 25-30 years before they begin to decline. If you’re having issues before then and need Solar System Repairs Adelaide, SOLARLAB are your answer.

Solar System Repairs Adelaide


Energy prices are rapidly increasing, so ensuring you have a quality team for Solar System Repairs Adelaide ready is essential. Our team of experienced contractors have vast knowledge and experience with a range of systems, so no repair is unfamiliar. If your bill is abnormally high, your inverter is permanently off or your monitoring system indicates a failure, call SOLARLAB. Our technicians are happy to come out and assess your panels and perform high quality repair services.

With all systems large and small, there are a range of issues that could affect your solar power supply. We’ll take a thorough look and find a solution that enhances their performance and boosts your energy savings. As your local specialist in all things solar, we’ll have you reconnected and back to energy savings in no time.

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At SOLARLAB, we are proud to be the leading specialists for Solar System Repairs Adelaide. If you have a previously installed system that isn’t working to its potential, we’re happy to take a look. Low efficiency may be due to wattage of panels, the size of the system or the company who installed them. You can trust SOLARLAB to deliver high quality panels from reputable brands, tailored to keep up with your energy demands. We have installed and repaired countless systems across Adelaide and helped put our community on the path to renewable energy. SOLARLAB experts have repaired various damages from natural causes, PID effect, roof instability or electrical and software issues. When you choose us, you can be assured that we’ll help reverse the problem and add further prevention measures. Our competitive prices, seamless quoting system and quality workmanship set us apart from other industry repairers.

If you’re still paying too much for your power bill, SOLARLAB can help you upgrade with Solar System Repairs Adelaide. We’ll find a long-lasting solution to keep your systems running to their utmost potential. Call us on 1800 512 251 today!

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