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About SolarLab


Solarlab was established in 2017 to deliver high quality solar installations for home owners and primary contractors across Australia. We noticed an uptake of Solar PV and Renewables on Residential and Commercial sites across Australia, as the result of increasing energy prices. The Australian public were not keeping up with sales demands, and needed a scalable installation solution that was also economical.

Solarlab has built a team of highly experienced staff and sub contractors to deliver your project. Size is no factor, we complete small-scale high volume Residential installations to large scale Grid Tie and battery off grid systems.

We are committed to delivering high quality outcomes which adhere to your budget, and your schedule. Solarlab is well-being oriented, and we ensure the safety of our employees, contractors and clients in accordance with OH&S standards which are carried out during every installation.



Justin Bralic


Justin has been installing and servicing the Solar industry for the past 6 years and has personally completed over 2000 installations Australia. He has the Installation knowledge and experience to perform high quality installation results for your home or business. Justin is a fully qualified and licensed electrician and holds a Clean Energy Council Accreditation for Grid and Stand Alone Power Systems in both design and installation.

He is highly passionate about the solar industry and will go the extra mile to make your system perform and deliver a high quality aesthetic finish.

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