solar installers adelaide


Open Solar

Open Solar is our design and proposal tool that sets us apart. It gives customers accurate system design on their roof, potential energy savings from the solar PV proposed and highlights their return on investment. As our strongest interactive tool, Open Solar provides customers with valuable information to help them determine the perfect tailored solar solution.

solar installers adelaide


Service M8

ServiceM8 combines world-class technology to allow the team at SOLARLAB to provide you with prompt and efficient communication. From your initial call, right through to quoting, job management, invoicing and payment, ServiceM8 allows us to service our clients to the highest standard. From a client’s perspective, this software is particularly beneficial as it allows you to track when our installers arrive on-site & when they complete the job.

solar installers adelaide


Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics is the monitoring tool we install. It provides you with a more in-depth view of your household appliances and can pick up if solar production reduces by giving you a notification and prompting you to get a technician out to rectify the issue. It is a great insurance policy for our customers and helps them know their solar system is working efficiently and without faults.

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