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SOLARLAB has become one of the most reputable suppliers and installers of solar panel systems Adelaide. Our singular mission is to prevent people from paying too much for their power by designing and delivering premium-grade solar installations right across Australia.

From small residential projects to large-scale commercial off-grid systems, we tailor your system design to meet even the most demanding performance requirements.

To guarantee sustainable performance, we only recommend tried and tested products from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers. Some of the brands we trust to meet the performance expectations of our customers include Jinko Solar, REC, Tesla, Fronius, Solar Edge, and Solar Analytics for dependable and accurate performance reports.

Solar Analytics is effective monitoring software that reports consumption patterns, determining the most practical time of day to run your less energy-efficient appliances. This data produced can also indicate when your system is due for servicing or maintenance.

Solar Panel Systems Adelaide

Be Smart About Excess Energy with Our Advanced Battery Technology

In addition to solar panel systems Adelaide, SOLARLAB also specialises in providing our customers with effective battery technology solutions. Our battery systems give homes and business the freedom and independence to go completely off-grid.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept behind battery systems, their function is to store excess energy that is generated by your solar panel systems Adelaide. The higher your battery’s capacity, the more solar energy it’s able to capture and retain. You then have the control to utilise it when it’s needed most—like at night-time, on overcast days or during an outage. The Tesla Powerwall 2 even has the ability to detect grid outages, automatically switching on to become your home’s main energy source.

The market for battery systems is increasingly growing with the sustainability trend. People are beginning to recognise the value for money, along with the greater flexibility that integrating battery systems offers.

So, How Does SOLARLAB Do It?

All solar panel systems Adelaide we install are designed and installed following a comprehensive process, ensuring you end up with a solution that is suited to your specific environment and functionality needs. This largely comes down to our high performing software and attention to detail. Here’s how SOLARLAB manage to achieve exceptional results that boost your energy savings.

  1. Design, using Open Solar: Open Solar gives our customers an accurate indication of the potential energy savings from the solar PV proposed, and highlights their return on investment.
  2. Construct, using Service M8: Service M8 is a software that facilitates project tracking and communication from end to end of our service. It creates a seamless transition between every stage of installing your solar panel systems Adelaide.
  3. Maintenance, using Solar Analytics: As mentioned, Solar Analytics accurately reports your power production and provides you with data on household energy consumption.
To start saving on your energy bills and to increase the independence of your home or business, contact SOLARLAB. Our level of service has earnt us a reputation as the leading suppliers of solar panel systems Adelaide! Contact 1800 512 251 today.

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