Why We Are The Best Solar System Installers Adelaide

Over our years in the solar industry, we have built a reputation as the leading solar system installers Adelaide. This is the result of our commitment to providing South Australians with high-quality solar solutions and unrivalled workmanship. The team at SOLARLAB is made up of qualified and professional solar experts who have years of industry experience undertaking installations, maintenance, and repairs. One of the many reasons we are considered to be Adelaide’s leading solar company is our competitive pricing. We aim create cost-effective solar solutions that maintain their quality whilst suiting your budget requirements. Unlike many other solar system installers, we care about designing a solar system that will meet your needs both in functionality and design. This is why we offer bespoke design solutions, so that we can not only meet your expectations, but exceed them by tenfold.

Solar System Installers Adelaide

Our Solar Solutions

After the establishment of SOLARLAB in late 2017, we quickly became recognised as revolutionary solar system installers Adelaide. With a company focus on providing bespoke solutions, we have designed and installed countless unique solar solutions for a range of residential and commercial clients. Using world-class technology, our design, construction, and maintenance solutions are efficient and effective in creating the perfect solar solution for you. These tools set our services apart from other solar system installers Adelaide, as they are unique to our company. Our innovative and interactive design and proposal tool, Open Solar allows us to provide each customer with the perfect tailored solutions to meet their needs. Through tracking and monitoring tools and programs, we are able to highlight the return of your solar investment and provide you with valuable information about the efficiency of your system and an in-depth look into the power usage of your household appliances.

It’s Never Been A Better Time To Go Solar

If you ask any solar system installers Adelaide, they will all tell you the endless benefits of going solar. From saving thousands on electricity bills to reducing your carbon foot print, there are countless reasons why solar is the power of the future. If all of these benefits aren’t enough, the government is providing South Australians with incentives and rebates to encourage more property owners contact solar system installers Adelaide and make the switch to solar. As a financial incentive for individuals and businesses to install small-scale solar systems, the government is offering a “Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES)”. Another alternative rebate being offered to South Australians is the “South Australian Home Battery Scheme” which will provide over 40,000 South Australian households with $100 million in state subsidies to pay for home batter system installations.

If you are ready to reap the countless rewards of switching to solar power on your residential or commercial property, the team at SOLARLAB are the best solar system installers Adelaide. Get in touch with us on 1800 512 251 or via our online contact form to discuss our range of solar solutions today!

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