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Do you need a reputable team to assist with your solar panel maintenance Adelaide? SOLARLAB is focussed on providing effective and high-quality solar systems to both small and large-scale homes and businesses, right across South Australia.

Through the design, supply and installation of products from Australia’s most reputable names in solar, we successfully deliver our promise of lowered energy bills through tailoring our workmanship to fit your specific usage profile.

Results can be determined before any financial commitments are made using our online power saving calculator. One of our expert solar consultants will assess your circumstances and provide a ballpark figure so you can work our just how quickly you’ll make your return on investment.

The best part about working with SOLARLAB is that we provide a full scope service. Even after installation, we maintain long-term relationships with our valued customers and offer a maintenance service in order to optimise system performance.

Solar Panel Maintenance Adelaide

Why is Solar Maintenance Essential?

Solar panel maintenance Adelaide can have a drastic impact on the performance of your solar system. How frequently you require maintenance is determined by several factors, but that’s why our state-of-the-art monitoring software is such a fantastic tool.

Through analysing your power generation, the data retrieved from Solar Analytics will notify you when there’s a lag in the performance of your system. You can call on the SOLARLAB team to undertake an assessment and determine the cause of the performance drop.

However, there are ways you can prevent fluctuation in performance, with our main suggestion being scheduled solar panel maintenance Adelaide. Our scheduled maintenance involves PV panel cleaning, thermal hot spot checks, solar panel & inverter performance testing and more. SOLARLAB also offers the full scope of services and breakdown repairs if an issue has been detected. Ongoing maintenance will ensure you obtain the full product warranty!

Tools That Help Us Excel

At SOLARLAB, every step of the process matters—from design right through to your solar panel maintenance Adelaide. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive process using the most effective and reliable software in our field to facilitate a smooth customer service experience. And of course, guarantee fantastic solar performance.

For design, we use OpenSolar. This is a design and proposal tool that enables us to deliver tailored and accurate system design. It also determines potential energy savings and return on investment, which is how we provide you with fast and accurate quotes.

During the construction process, we use ServiceM8 which is a fantastic communication tool that assists with job management from end to end. Our customers have all the information relevant to their purchase available at all times. This includes the initial quote, job management updates, and invoicing/payment information. For more details, call us on 1800 512 251 today!

If you need a dependable team to undertake your solar panel maintenance Adelaide, you can put your trust in SOLARLAB; the local experts in everything solar. Call us on 1800 512 251 today or email! Alternatively, we recommend checking out some of our most recent projects.

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