AAT Building Group Pty Ltd – Melrose Park

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About This Project

AAT Building Group is a family owned and run private company established in 2001.

Directly engaging over 30 employees which makes them the largest local insurance repair builder in South Australia.

By employing the majority of their trades they are able to have greater control and ensure high quality, efficient and consistent results. This was a significant consideration for AAT when choosing a preferred Clean Energy partner.

System Size: 34 KWP

Inverters: 1 * Fronius Eco 25.0-3 (Made in Austria – 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty)

Panels: LONGI LR6-72OPD-400M 400W Bi Facial 72 Cell MONO Panels (30 Year Linear Warranty)

Controls: 1 * Fronius 50KA Smart Meter for Export Limiting and Consumption Monitoring

Estimated Annual Production: 47.6 MWH ESTIMATED ANNUAL SAVINGS: $9,599.00 ESTIMATED PAYBACK PERIOD: 2.8 Years

Rate of Return on Investment: 42.1%

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